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About Us

About Us

Established in 1949, uma is one of the world’s oldest leading producers of high quality promotional ballpoint pens. This third generation-owned business produces and sells over 80 million units a year in Europe alone. With state-of-the-art production and branding facilities and a QC department which pays extreme attention to the finest detail, uma guarantees a quality, long-lasting promotional product which will leave an indelible mark on your client’s memory.

With a production facility based in one of the world’s oldest and most beautiful forests, uma is left with a great responsibility towards its environment which they take seriously. Their production facility includes machinery and printing technology with low C02 emmissions and high-tech renewable energy systems which include a bi-directional cold-warm-net with an intgrated ice storage and wind turbine, the output of which they share with the residents of Fischerbach, the town in which they are based.

As a producer in the Black Forest, uma are proud to be able to warranty that their wooden pens are manufactured using only PEFC-certified beechwood, a sustainable resource and in as such, they are actively involved in sustainable forest cultivation.

Giving Advertisers a Signature Style

Driven by the claim to produce high-quality and at the same time individual promotional ballpoint pens, Fritz Ullmann, the founder of the company, assumed responsibility right from the early days in 1949 and placed his confidence in a creative and innovative team. To this day, that approach has not changed.

That is because Fritz Ullmann recognised more than 50 years ago that, to paraphrase his words, “a ballpoint pen is more than a writing instrument!” With his idea of using the ballpoint pen as a promotional aid, the man awarded the Federal Achievement Medal (Bundesverdienstmedaille) by Baden-Württemberg was quite literally writing history.

That is how he is recognised for services rendered – not only in professional circles must also in Fischerbach where Fritz Ullmann, now an honorary citizen, does more than anyone else to create secure jobs. The town has also expressed its gratitude to him for this by naming a street after him, on which the company head office is now located.

uma has a family-centric tradition as well as a future. The third generation of the founding family is now integrated in the company, contributing fresh ideas and young pioneering spirit to the ongoing success of the business.


Advertising Reflects Individuality
People who use uma pens, who advertise or write with them, are individuals. They have their own personal desires, expectations, taste and style – their own personal signature. They’re people of character – looking for a promotional product to suit them.

With the refreshing creativity and quality of its products, uma embodies this sense of individuality. True responsibility towards customers means having the conviction and drive to identify opportunities and push the envelope together with your partner.

A responsibility embodied in every single product and in uma’s sheer range of choices.

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uma is one of the world’s oldest leading producers of high quality promotional pens and we are bringing it to South Africa.


The uma quality refill is the core of every writing instrument and also one of the most important reasons for a sustained success of promotional messages.


These include state-of-the-art screen and pad printing machines for first-class multiple and UV colour prints as well as brilliant colour gradients.

uma secrets

uma’s founder, Fritz Ullmann, was not only a great industrialist but also a great humanitarian, whose dedication towards the town of Fischerbach and it’s citizens, especially the elderly and the youth, was applauded when the town named him honorary Citzen and named a street after him. The Fritz Ullman Foundation was founded with the view of supporting the community of Fischerbach in as many ways possible. Since it’s inception on 11 February 2011, over 1 million Euros have been donated towards infrastructure – new wings in the town’s hospital, a school, old age home, sharing of the output from the uma inhouse renewable energy scheme and construction and maintenance of the town’s shopping mall are just one of the many ways that uma has given back to the town which they are proud to call their home.


uma – we assume responsibility

For a company focused on the future, it almost goes without saying that quality, service and, by extension, customer loyalty, should always be maintained at the highest level. The holistic viewpoint of any successful company must encompass seamless observance of social modes of behaviour in the daily conduct of its business.

The scope of our sense of responsibility extends to the assurance of environmentally compliant working conditions that are truly worthy of our payroll staff. That translates into things like respect for employee rights, the prohibition of child labour and forced labour, as well as a responsible attitude towards our natural world and its resources. We put our name on the line when it comes to achievement of these objectives.

PEFC certification

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The objective of the PEFC certificate is to improve the sustainable management of forestry in respect of economic, ecological and social standards: high quality achieved through stringent management specifications and inspection methods, low costs through efficient operational procedures.

PEFC is represented in 31 countries (including 25 European countries). 67% of German forested areas – which equates to more than 7.3 million hectares – are already under the PEFC umbrella, making it not just globally but also in Germany the most successful forestry certification system.

Awards & Nominations

What motivates uma? First of all, we are motivated by our customers that we are pleased to inspire with innovative and high qualitative products. Making the world of promotional ballpoint pens more responsible from a social and ecological point of view – that is also our goal.

Receiving an award for this would be a further confirmation that we are on the right course.